Tahlee as Black Canary! Shot in Wellington, June ‘13. Been horribly slow in getting these edited, it’s been a crazy month or two. Tahlee is one of my favourite people to shoot with, she’s so much fun, and, to my surprise, has a mean high kick! :9 

Model and costume by Tahlee

Photos and editing by me

Assisted by Jp



Kara Zor-El by ~Fairie-Tails

DC Comics

Cosplayer: Fairie-Tails


aw a cosplay blog featured me. Thank you kind stranger <3

Hah, I noticed this guy watched me on DA recently. Yay! And congrats Tahlee, you gorgeous cat :D

(via fairietails)

Starring - Fairie Tails as 70’s Supergirl! Fun shoot, but so windy….SO WINDY. Gale force winds, and very little sun. I also scaled a gate to try and get a better angle on a few shots, which unfortunately still left me a few metres too low. I wasn’t game to climb much higher unfortunately, too much wind and also a high risk of tetanus from all the anti-pigeon spikes everywhere! Next time ;D

Edit: dfjhsh THANKS ALSO to Sylvia for assisting with lighting, cape throwing, and good time having!


Tammy as Faith from Mirror’s Edge

Rowan as Huntress

Alena and Jun as Ritsu and Mio from K-on!