Na na na naaaa Bioshock! Shot in Frank Kitt’s Park, Wellington. I really like doing Bioshock stuff; I like grungy, gritty shoots more than pretty colourful ones I think. I also like that there’s a lot of light in this area - I prefer to use ambient light when shooting after dark, and luckily my 50mm lens handles it really well. These were all shot at 1.8f with shutterspeeds ranging from 1/15 to about 1/60, no tripod, varying ISO (I don’t think it got about 520? It might have done though, I try to keep it low if possible). Little bit of noise creeping in, especially in the first few of Abby, but not too bad with the little sisters later on.


Little Sisters - Danielle and Kylie, each made their own costume

Big Sister - Abby, who also made her costume, and was a very good sport about me shouting directions at her from on high! (I climbed some stairs)

Photos and editing by me, assisted by Jp.